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What does Frank IT do for you? 

Frank IT (Information Technologies) services the Danbury CT and surrounding area offering computer and network support to business and residential customers.  Frank IT comes to your business or residence and does all of the work on site.  Frank IT works on servers, computers, or even just one computer, tablets, smart phones, and any device that has a computer in it.   Frank IT does full network setups both server and Peer to Peer based.  Frank IT will do consultations to help you decide what you may need.  Frank IT is a full service technology company.  We do APPLE and MAC systems.  We are a full time business - not part time while working another job as most of the new companies popping up are.  Frank IT responds quickly - you do not have to wait for service.

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Frank IT is a full Information Technologies service for all of your IT - computer needs, on site at your home or business.  Frank IT is a consulting service that will help you figure out what kind of computer systems, applications, printers, network, server, Internet Service Provider, and security you might need.  Whatever your need may be Frank IT will help you achieve it.  Frank IT was formed to bring all of the knowledge and experience utilized on Fortune 500 Corporate networks to you.  

Frank IT does not withhold information from you.  When an Frank IT consultant is hired to work for you, you benefit from training, manuals, and information most companies keep to themselves.  Most companies  want you to know as little as possible.  This promotes a complete dependence on their company for your needs.  If you decide to hire a new company to support you, the new company will have to start from scratch.  Frank IT will do everything for you if you like.  See our Managed Services page. Frank IT differs from other companies in the fact that Frank IT gives you a choice. 

Other Service Providers.

If you need other services, please check our Links Page Frank IT  is affiliated with a number of companies that provide services which you may need.  Many of these companies are also clients of Frank IT . 
If you do not see a link to a service you need e-mail me with the type of service, and I will get you a name - not everyone has a web site yet!  I deal with so many different people, in such a variety of different businesses, I am sure to know someone who may help you out.

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