Service #1

Managed Service Plans.  

Frank IT will maintain your network on retainer.  If you have a problem or need simply pick up the phone and call us or email and we will take care of it.  Frank IT acts as your own IT department for a fraction of the cost it would take to hire a full time employee to do this.

Service #2

Hardware and software.  

Frank IT will recommend hardware that is right for you and software that will meet your needs.  Frank IT will pick the right equipment to meet your needs and help you with the right software to meet your needs.  Frank IT helps you spend you money wisely.

Service #3

Internet, email, and web sites.

Frank IT will help you with your Internet service, email, and web site needs.  Many people have businesses with web sites but no email to go with the web site - they use AOL, G mail, or Yahoo mail.  Frank IT will help you look professional with a business email account.